Pass the Scentsy Bucket


This is my Scentsy Bucket I'm going to be putting on display tomorrow at my event for International Women's Day.  Anyone can sign it out to take to show their friends at work, church, school, etc.  Some Scentsy consultants use a basket for their party, I'm using a purple bucket---at least until I can afford some proper baskets.  The bucket doesn't quite fit all the order forms and brochures plus everything in there, but never'll just take the bucket and the envelope too--very easy peasy.  Enclosed is a mid size warmer, baby buddy, travel tin, a sample cube of a Scentsy bar, loads of testers, catalogues, order forms, brochures and business cards.  Everything you'd ever need for a Scentsy party on the go.  Once you show your friends whats inside the bucket and gather the're more than welcome to pass the bucket to a friend who wants to take it too.  I'll stock you up with extra order forms and collect the ones you've filled.  Get your friends involved and keep the bucket moving---and get some free and 1/2 price goodies along the way as well. x

A basket/bucket party is just one way to host a Scentsy party.  < Click the link to the left for more information on other hosting options. .