Penny visits grandma

With the Easter Holidays this weekend, Penny the Pig thought it would be the perfect time to visit Grandma.  Grandma has never met Baby Penny so she came along with big Penny as well.  Grandma currently lives in Mudchute Retirement Village + Farm.  She invited Penny and baby P for tea time after their neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday. 

Mudchute Retirement Village is a gorgeous get away perfect for those senior animals in their golden years.  With idyllic scenery away from the hectic life of the city, one can be guaranteed that your loved ones will be looked after as they should.


On the way to Grandma's Place they stopped by to say hello to some of the other residents. 

Here's Agnes, Hazel and Delores from Queens NYC who came to London back in the 60's but ended up staying because they loved the nightlife:

three little pigs
three little pigs

Here's Chester.....whose having a snack.  He doesn't say much:


Not sure if you heard of the llama brothers?  Big boy band in the early 70's....even toured Vegas and sold 1k copies of their debut album.  They're in retirement now...but as you can see they spend their days eating mostly.  They are hoping to get back to their weekly emotional eaters group on Wednesday nights, so we shall see what happens.


Tommy the Turkey.....from Turkey believe it or not.  Doesn't speak a word of English.


They stopped by to chat to Sally and Horace---friends of the family who also happen to be at Mudchute.  They used to be in real estate together until they retired just last year:


Here she is:  GRANDMA!!!


She was a bit embarassed because she hadnt cleaned her pen up yet....Penny and Baby P were nearly an hr early.

They chatted about everything under the sun--when Baby P was due to start school, how Penny's career is going with Scentsy.  Grandma brought her nice china out for tea.  When it was time to say of course. 

First up Baby Penny:


and then of course Penny:


they said their goodbyes and promised to visit again soon!

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