Scentsy & Americans Abroad

I frequently get emails from Americans who have moved to Europe or the UK from the US for work or other reasons and who want to know about using their Scentsy here.  Here are some helpful answers based on what I've been asked by you all:

1) Can I use my Scentsy warmer from home?
Yes and no---an adaptor may work for a while but with the differences in electricity usually what happens often is that the lightbulbs blow out.  We do not carry these lightbulbs and as they are USA lightbulbs you will not be able to find replacements for them in Europe.  This will continue to happen unless you get a EU specific warmer.  You can use your Scentsy wax from home but long term whilst you are abroad it is safer and less of a fire hazard to buy one here.  

2)How are the warmers different from the US?
Scentsy Warmers in the USA many have open lightbulbs and in the EU due to legislation the lightbulbs are LED lights and are enclosed/glued in with a hotplate.  The LED lightbulbs gently heat the hotplate which heats the wax and thus you get your gorgeous smelling home. 

3) Do we have plug ins?
No, in Europe due to EU regulations we do not have plug ins and not sure when we would ever get them.  We have small warmers that are the closest thing to it but they are much bigger than the traditional plug in. 

4) I have family in the UK can I order from you? 
Yes, your USA credit card will work but there's a hack to it.  Billing address for 'postal code'---put who you are sending it to their UK post code and then on the address lines put your zip code/post code as it should be and proceed.  If you get confused just contact me and I'll take care of the order for you.

5)  I live in the UK can I order for family in the USA?
Yes, contact me and I will have you order through one of my many global team members in the USA. 

Any other questions that I havent answered please get in touch and I'll do my best to help!