Scentsy Fall Winter Catalogue 2016

The Scentsy Fall/Autumn Winter Catalogue 2016 will be available from 1st September by shopping through THIS LINK.  If you want your house to smell fantastic with high quality fragrance without the soot that jar candles bring then you're in for a treat this autumn.  Scentsy has over 80 fragrances, We have a selection of Essential Oil Diffusers and Oils, Fragrance Products for Kids and even scents for your car.

Why Scentsy? Its the Worlds Best Wickless Candle of course.  No Icky Parabens.  There's no one who does Fragrance Better!   TWEET THIS

Some of my favourites from the new catalogue are the Adult Colouring Book Wax Warmer--officially titled "Reimagine Scentsy Warmer" .  The Markers arent included but you wipe the warmer with rubbing alcohol and it creates a new slate for you.  A really fun party to do with the girls is to do a Colouring Party.  Get some nibbles, Pre-Order the colouring warmers and have a colouring party....No need to have a consultant over to do this party you can do this on your own!

Another one of my favourites is the Scentsy Sidekicks.  They are similar to Scentsy buddies but WAY cuter.  They also have quite a few sensory things attached and are perfect for babies!

I'd love to hear what your favourite new Scentsy Products are in the comments below!