Scentsy Awards: Monthly & Annual Awards

I've already written about the awards you can get in the first 70 days with Scentsy, now I'd like to discuss the monthly and annual awards that are available when you join as a Scentsy consultant.

Monthly Awards:

Qualifications- 2k or more points in PRV (points based on sales) in one calender month
Award- 5% bonus in your commissions cheque and a sales charm for your awards bracelet


Qualifications- 3 or more of your new recruits (you sponsored) become active (150PRV) in one calendar month.
Award- £21 Product Credit, Key charm

Scentsational Trainer
Qualifications- your new recruit reaches Scentsational Start level 2 or 3
Award- £21 Product Credit per consultant who reaches this level and Girl Charm


Top Sales of the Month
Given to the top PRV per title each calender month

Award- Money bag charm

Sponsor of the month
Qualifications- given to the top Consultant in each title with the most first time active (150PRV) team members, a minimum of 3 new recruits is required.

Award- Contract charm


Annual Awards:

Sales Excellence
Annual Sales of 30k PRV or greater, more than one person can receive the award
Award:  Recognition at Convention, Certificate of Achievement and a £833 bonus


Annual Mentor Award
Personally sponsor 20 or more new Consultants who enrol and become active during the qualification period.
Award:  Recognition at Scentsy's Convention, A Certificate of Achievement, a trophy and a £21 bonus per active recruit.


Shining Star Award

The award is given per region to the one consultant who best exemplifies Scentsy's core values.  They must be nominated by another consultant and then the award will be decided by Scentsy's executive team.  The shining star award is Scentsy's highest honour and you get a beautiful personalised trophy and recognition at the annual Convention. 



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