Scentsy awards: shooting star and Scentsational start

When you join Scentsy as a consultant, there is a lot if opportunity to earn awards and recognition for your hard work.  Shooting star and Scentsational start are the main awards available for new consultants within their first 70 days. 

Shooting Star Enhancement Kit:

This is an opportunity to add to your Scentsy starter kit at a greatly reduced price.


Within 15 days sell 500 PRV (points based on sales) and you get the option of purchasing 10 Pre chosen warmers from the current catalogue for £200.  You also get to earn commission off of this special shooting star kit which is amazing and very generous of Scentsy!

You've got 30 days after your 15 day qualification period to take advantage of this special offer (45 in total)


Scenstational Start Awards:

These awards from Scentsy are available within the first 70 calendar days of your life as a consultant.  They are there to lay the ground work for your future success.  There are 3 levels with Scentsational start:


Level 1 requirements

1250 PRV or 3 personally sponsored active new recruits



£41.50 Product Credit

Green Scentsy Scentsational start lapel pin

Certificate of achievement 


Level 2 requirements

2500 PRV or

1250 in PRV AND 3 new active recruits you've personally sponsored.



£104  in product ccredit purple Scentsy Scentsational start lapel ppinCertificate if achievement


Level 3 requirements

5,000 in PRV.      Or

2500 in PRV and six new recruits you've personally sponsored



£166.50 product credit

Teal Scentsy lapel pin

Certificate if achievement

Recognition at Scentsy's annual convention

Scentsy star sent after Convention


So these are the awards available for new consultants.  Another time I'll explain some of the other awards Scentsy gives out monthly and annually. 

if you'd like more information about becoming a consultant please feel free to contact me as Im here to help! 

currently anyone in the UK, Ireland, Germany, USA or Canada can join my Scentsy team!