Scentsy Buddies: Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of Frequently Asked Questions I hear regarding Scentsy Buddies:

How long do the Scent Paks last?

At least a month but most of the time its longer.  Other consultants have mentioned their scent paks have lasted nearly 4 months.

How do I use my Scentsy Buddy?

Just unzip the backside, plop in your Scentsy Scent Pak and Viola.

What ages are Scentsy Buddies suitable for?

In Europe, they are suitable for all ages.  The Buddies have been rigorously put through child safety tests as well.

Do you have to warm the Scent Paks in the microwave?

No, the scent is released without having to put the scent pak in the microwave.

Where can I register my buddy and play games?

My Buddy didn't come with a registration tag, what do I do?

Contact a Scentsy Consultant who can call Scentsy Support to get you a registration number

Do I need to register my Buddy before I can play games?

Nope--play away. 

HowDo I change the Scent Pak?

You can change your Scent Pak at any time.  Let your Buddy air out for a day or two before adding a new Scent.

How big are the Scentsy Buddies?

Big Scentsy Buddies are 24cm, Baby Buddies are 18cm

How do I clean my Scentsy Buddies?

Spot Cleaning is best but many consultants have managed to put Buddies in the gentle cycle and they've survived. :)

Do I get to pick my own Scent Pak for each Scentsy Buddy?

Yes you can choose your own Scent Pak and can change the scents whenever you'd like.

What is

Its the home of the Scentsy Buddies where you can play games, have free downloads and register your Scentsy Buddy.  There's no online chat's or requesting your childs personal details at any time.

Can you dress your Scentsy Buddy?

Yes, many of the Toy Bear clothes currently out on the market fit Scentsy Buddies perfectly. 

What is the difference between Scentsy Buddies and Baby Buddies?

Size and Price and the Baby Buddies are much more younger than their big brothers and sisters.