Scentsy Buddy Appeal to benefit GOSH

Appeal now closed

Scentsy Buddy
Scentsy Buddy

From today I'm collecting Scentsy Buddies to donate to Great Ormond Street Hospital's yearly Christmas Toy Appeal.  Every year they collect new toys to distribute to their patients over Christmas or to those who will be going home around the holidays.

The deadline for this will be 12th December which will give me enough time to collect and organise everything to get to GOSH's fundraising office in Central London by their deadline.

There's two ways to participate:

1) Do your Christmas shopping on the link marked 'Buddy Appeal and 20% of all sales from this link will go towards purchasing Buddies to deliver to GOSH'....Click Join Party

The deadline for this is 25 November 9pm so I have plenty of time to order and receive any buddies.

2)Donate Buddies direct.  Purchase a Scentsy Buddy from my Buy Scentsy tab and in the shipping put my address:

Christine Jolley

Buddy Appeal 2011 (GOSH)

16 Colgate House

Armoury Road

London, SE8 4LG

Deadline to order (to allow for shipping) is 30 November.

Tell your friends and family and I will be sure to post pictures of all the buddies!!

If you have questions or run into problems on my website ordering the me on 0208 6921815 or email at

To purchase Scentsy Buddies visit:

and Click 'Join Party' next to the Buddy appeal link.