Scentsy Canada Fall & Winter Catalog 2013

I've previously posted the new USA Scentsy catalogue expected for the Fall/Winter 2013 season and I thought I'd do the same for my friends across the pond in Canada too.  Canada and Scentsy has been around for a while so you've got nearly the same array of products that the USA has.  You also get to take advantage of the North American Convention every year which is always held in the states and is MASSIVE.  This years Convention was held in Indiana and had an opening performance by Kelly Clarkson....yes that Kelly Clarkson.

I cant sell to you any Canadian products but you can join my Scentsy team.  Why would anyone want to join someones team across the pond?  Well Scentsy is a global business and with the internet and cheap phone rates its pretty easy peasy to keep in contact and provide support.  My upline (my sponsor) is in North America and its never been a problem getting support, EVER.

To join Scentsy in Canada the quick link is HERE and your starter kit is going to be $119 (CAD).  When you click through the link, change your flag to Canada and then go from there. 

Would love to hear what your favourite Scentsy products for the new season are!!!

Scentsy Canada Fall Winter Catalog 2013