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Hello there Scentsy lovers in Canada- I'm looking for anyone who would like to become a Scentsy Consultant and earn extra money either for themselves or for their families also. 

Scentsy has been established in Canada for a few years now and I'm sure you are familiar with the unbeatable quality of Scentsy Products.  Now is your chance to make some money doing what you love!

With the ease of the internet its easier than ever to communicate abroad.  I would support you in every way possible along your Scentsy Journey.  My upline (sponsor/person above me) is a Superstar Director which is the highest rank with Scentsy.  All training and support from her would be passed down to my teams.

When you Join Scentsy for $119 you'll receive a starter pack that looks a bit like this:


Inside you'll find:

Scentsy Fragrance Testers

  • 2011 Fall / Winter (15) or will be replaced by whatever is in season.
  • Favourites (15)
  • Scentsy Man (10)
  • Romance (10)
  • Spa (10)
  • Corner Café (10)
  • Seven Seas (10)

Scentsy Demonstration Products

  • Full-Size Scentsy Warmer (1)
  • Scentsy Buddy (1)
  • Scent Pak (1)
  • Scentsy Bar (1)
  • Room Spray (1)
  • Fragrance Foam (1)
  • Travel Tin (1)
  • Scent Circle (1)
  • Light Bulbs (4)

Business Supplies

  • 2011 Fall / Winter Catalogues (50)
  • Discover Scentsy DVD (1)
  • New Consultant Start-Up Guide (1)
  • Scentsy Planning Calendar (1)
  • Planning Calendar Stickers (1 sheet)
  • Business Cards (100)
  • Invitations (100)
  • Order Forms (100)
  • Host Envelopes (5)
  • Buy Brochures (25)
  • Host Brochures (25)
  • Join Brochures (25)
  • Consultant Folder (1)
  • Welcome Letter

Not only do you get this wonderful Starter Pack, but you get your website free for the first 3 months.  You'll also be sent a new consultant pack as a member of my team and I will help you with everything you need to know on how to get started.

Need more information, Here's 101 Reasons to Join Scentsy

Ready to become a Scentsy consultant?

Join Scentsy Canada
Join Scentsy Canada

Have questions about joining Scentsy in Canada?  Feel free to Contact Me