Scentsy Charitable Giving

Scentsy makes it a priority to have charitable giving a huge part of their company philosophy.  Every year they donate millions, and have special charity warmers to raise funds for special causes.

This video is in my 'videos' section.  When I was thinking about joining Scentsy I was initially quite skeptical.  After a lot of research into the company.....this video was the thing that finally convinced me to join:

Well at Convention, they encouraged us all to embrace this philosophy of charitable giving in our businesses.  I would like to do this with my Scentsy business in a big way. 

Basically Scentsy Fundraising can be used for any cause that will make a difference somehow....schools, church's, hospitals, running races, a charity of your choice or even someone in your community who might be struggling.

I would be giving up a portion of my can be anywhere from 10-20% and this would be agreed beforehand in writing so you'd know I'd stay true to my word.

There's two ways to do it:

1) If you have an event I could set up a table with Scentsy product

2) A link on the Buy section of my website would be set up for you.  You would then advertise this link to anyone you'd like and any sales from this link would go towards your fundraising goal.

A cheque would be given to you once I receive my own commission payment.

An example of how much you might get in a fundraising event:  £1k worth of Scentsy product sold.....%20 would be a £200 cheque for your cause.

Contact me today to find out how Scentsy could help a cause close to your heart.



Interested in fundraising for your school or charity?

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