Scentsy coming to Mexico!!!!

September 1st 2013, Scentsy will be coming to Mexico.  You will be able to buy the products (will be limited release) from anyone in the USA or Canada (Region1) but will be able to join the team and be sponsored by anyone you'd like in North America or Europe (Region 1 and Region 2).  If you dont know who you want to be your sponsor, you've got the choice of joining initially under the 'Scentsy Family' which will give you a 6 month time frame to find who you want to have mentor you.

The cost of the Scentsy Fragrance starter kit for Mexico is $1,799 (Pesos, not USD...whew! ;) ) and it will look a little like the picture below.  This will include the cost of your PWS and Scentsy sponsored website, after 3 months of joining the cost of your PWS will be $160 (MXN). 

Products for Mexico will be shipped from Scentsy's Distribution Centre in Texas.  Hostess rewards start at $2800 in guest sales which will also get you free shipping.  Under $2800 its $120 for shipping up to $599 worth of sales and 20% with $600-2799. So that gives you just a few details about costs at least in running your business should you decide to join.

I'm very very exicted that the Scentsy opportunity is coming to all of you in Mexico.  Scentsy has blessed my life immensely and I know it will bless your life and the lives of your families also. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about what its like to be a Scentsy Consultant and how to be successful with the business.  I know I'm so excited for 1 September and I hope you are too!!!!!! :)

Scentsy Mexico
Scentsy Mexico