Scentsy Consultant Levels

When you join Scentsy as a Consultant you'll have different titles or 'Level's as you progress along your Scentsy Business.  They are very much a part of 'Understanding the Scentsy Compensation Plan' which I've written about before in previous blog posts.

Here are the Levels with Scentsy:

Escential Consultant

Certified Consultant

Lead Consultant

Star Consultant

Superstar Consultant


Star Director

Superstar Director


After you reach 1k in sales you will never go below the 25% you get at Certified Consultant.  To get more each month it depends on what sales you get for the respective month.  You still keep your title (except at director which has different rules) but your commission % is based on what you managed to do.  So it is possible to be at Superstar Consultant but be only paid at Certified for a particular month.  Obviously you try to ensure that your sales and team are doing enough in sales to ensure you are paid for your title, but this doesnt happen always.  As your building your business, its definitely something to aim for each month because when you get to Director its crucial that you keep your title which means you have to be consistent with Director stats/sales.  Hopefully this makes sense?

Leadership levels are considered at Director and above.  My goal has always been to hit Superstar Director and I know most of us have the same goal as well.

If you would like more information about Joining Scentsy or the Scentsy Opportunity, please feel free to contact me.  I am currently recruiting in the UK, Ireland, Germany, USA and Canada.  I can also recruit in the USA for Grace Adele and Velata. If worried about how I would support you in North America at a distance, my sponsor is in the US and I'm in Europe and it hasnt ever been a problem.  With technology today its very very easy to communicate with each other at a distance.