Scentsy Custom Gifts (North America only)

Serious case of the jealousies here but Region 1 Scentsy will be getting what's called Scentsy Custom Gifts which is like ordering warmers in 'bulk' for fundraising, businesses, gifts, etc.  You get your own customisable picture (LOVE it) and its a big example of how Scentsy is always thinking ahead about their consultants and helping them succeed.  Although I would have LOVED the thought of this coming to the UK and Europe I'm not sure if we're ready for it yet as we're still trying to build our customer bases and get the word out about Scentsy.  We have been told that we are to expect a VERY HUGE announcement though at August Convention, which I CANNOT WAIT for!!!!  So who knows we may get this or we may get something entirely different its hard to say.

If you'd like help in finding more about purchasing 'Scentsy custom gifts' feel free to contact me and I'll be more than happy to pass you on to my USA team who will be able to sell to you.  If you are in the US and have considered joining Scentsy, this is a huge opportunity to build your business right from the beginnning.  You CAN join my team if you live in America and the support will be there 100%.  Location DOES NOT ensure that you will get support and you could have a Sponsor live down the street who never helps you to succeed.  Its always my goal to do as much as I can whenever I can to help my team.  My sponsor is in the US and many consultants have global, international teams.  So if you are interested in getting involved with something like this and being able to sell 'Scentsy Custom Gifts' or any of the other many, many opportunities the Scentsy Family Brand gives you please DO GET IN CONTACT and I will send you my free PDF full of information about how to join and become a member of my Scentsy Family.  By the way, although I live in London UK.....I'm American and from Seattle orginally.  People think I sound Canadian because my accent is a bit of a hybrid of American and British but future Canadian team members I'll have to let you decide that once you join!  ;)

In the mean time here's more information about what Region 1 have been given!!!  LUCKY DUCKS!!!!