Scentsy Double Starter Kit Month

February is one of the best times to join Scentsy as a Consultant!

March 1st is our new Spring/Summer catalogue release date, which makes February a transition month.  In transition month everything is 10% off but also those who join get extra kit for the exact same price.  When you join in February you get double catalogues...Autumn/Winter & Spring/Summer and testers for both as well.


If you're wondering about whether you'll really need the extra catalogues, the answer is yes.  A lot of the scents are repeated each season and it means you'll be saving at least £30-50.  The extra catalogues can be used to hand out to people and all you'd need to do is put a little sticker on the Autumn/Winter catalogues and say 'Ask me about the new catalogue'.

Joining in February is a good time to join because things are picking up again after the Christmas holidays and you'll have plenty of time to establish your business before the next Christmas season.

There's only about 2 weeks to take advantage of this extra kit offer, so CONTACT ME TODAY for more information about becoming a Scentsy Consultant and changing your life for the better. :)