Scentsy EU Incentive Trip 2014: Greece

At Convention at the beginning of August the 2014 Scentsy Incentive Trip was announced.  An all expenses paid trip to Greece!!! We're going to the gorgeous island of Mykonos (that's where the Kardashians went recently for the luxurious Greek getaway) and spending time in Athens.  I've absolutely never been to Greece despite travelling quite a bit throughout the EU since living here.  Scentsy trips are not just ANY old trip but they are 5 star pampering getaways.  I earned the all expenses paid Mediterranean Cruise for 2013 and it was a trip of a lifetime.  I cried on the last night because it just was such an incredible trip.  I dont have the links for the cruise really handy but do have a search on the left hand side of my page for Scentsy Incentive Trip 2013 and scroll through my pictures.

So one of the first things people say when they join is OMG there's no freaking way that I can earn this trip, well I'm here to tell you you may THINK its impossible but its not.

I've attached the qualification requirements for this trip.  The amazing thing is is that the top level tier for the North American incentive trip is going to the same place WE ARE GOING for ours.  Lucky ducks I tell ya.

So have a look and then lets come up with a plan how you can join me on this cruise next year.  Today is the last day to join Scentsy and get the extra kit offer so extra kit and a chance to go on a 5 star free holiday?  Yes please!!!!!!

Scentsy EU Incentive Trip 2014: Greece by Christine Jolley