Scentsy Fundraising

Scentsy Fundraising- Holding a fundraiser for your organisation?  Need to earn money for your school, church, running race, charity or other worthy cause?  Why not choose Scentsy for your fundraising needs.

Scentsy fundraising
Scentsy fundraising

There are two types of fundraisers with Scentsy:

Events-  Setting up a table at an event or fair with a display warmer, catalogues and order forms.  Orders will be collected and at the end of the event I will place the orders for you.

Door to Door-  This involves approaching friends, family, neighbors, church and work colleagues, etc.  You will have two weeks to get as many orders as possible before collection and order.

How much can you expect to earn from Scentsy fundraising efforts?

25%of all Sales.  So for example if you sell £1000 in Scentsy would then get a cheque from me for £250.

How long will it take to receive orders?

Approximately two-three weeks all orders will be separated and packaged up and delivered to your organisation/house where customers can then come and pick them up at their convenience.  I aim for as minimal inconvenience as possible with fundraisers.

If you'd like to discuss the goals for your fundraiser or if you have any further questions feel free to contact me.