Scentsy Greece Incentive Trip: Thoughts

So I'm trying to catch up with blog posts and this is one that I've been wanting to write on for a while.  I want to tell you all about the trip to Greece.  You can see the piccys here but wanted to tell you all about it.

Flew out to Greece with my sister who I had earned an extra spot for for free and we were taken straight to the hotel in Athens.  It was an absolutely stunning view.  We registered and out on the veranda next to the pool was everyone who had arrived earlier eating a gorgeous buffet dinner whilst we watched the sun set.  The water was such a gorgeous blue and the sunset was even better.

The next day we went and had a tour of Athens and the Acropolis which was gorgeous.  The rocks were super slippery and the Acropolis stands on this huge hill so you needed to be a bit careful with your footing.  I took my vintage Yashica Mat 124g camera on this trip so enjoyed wandering around by myself and getting some good shots of things.  The view over the city was absolutely incredible.

After the tour of the Acropolis we went out to eat at a authentic Greek restaurant.  The food here was my most favourite in all of the trip and was authentic and just asbolutely amazing.  It kept coming and coming and coming one plate after another.  We had entertainment halfway through dinner---They had traditional dancers and musicians and then we threw plates which was oddly liberating!!!

The next day we went to 3 islands:  Hydra, Pyros and Aegina....My favourite was Hydra for sure...the colours were amazing and there were donkeys everywhere. You couldn't get around except for the donkeys and wandering which I loved.  I swear I had ice-cream at each island though because it was just so amazing!!!  These islands had overflowing pistachio nuts as well which I thought was funny and gorgeous boats too.  We had lunch on the cruise boat that took us around all of these islands and got a bit sea sick at one point.  It was a long day but well worth it though and enjoyed every minute.  We then met for a lovely dinner with Heidi and Orville who are the owners of Scentsy at a nice restaurant.  We werent sure if they'd make the trip which was discouraging but we were so excited when we were able to see them at the restaurant.

The last day I just lounged around the pool, slept and took lots of pictures on my film camera.  It was nice to not have to do much and just take care of myself and sleep and relax.  In the evening we got ready for a very special trip to Athens because we were joining the Region 1 Scentsy Trip Incentive Earners Top 100 people who had earned a trip to Greece too.  My first thought was OH MY WORD this is an awful lot of people.  We get used to our little small group of people here in the UK and forget how super duper huge Scentsy is in the USA.  I didnt know hardly anyone and felt really awkward but the dinner and entertainment were fantastic.  We got a picture with Heidi and Orville and it was such a nice time to end the trip and there was the most incredibly gorgeous sunset I had ever seen in my life over the water there.

Next day it was just me and my sister who flew out to Santorini, Greece.  It had been a bucket list thing for me to see for a long time and because of Scentsy I was able to make it happen.  The island had very very twisty roads but finally we got to our hotel and OMG 1st the stairs were a killer and two the view was the most incredible thing I had seen in my life.  Its near a volcano and hot springs and its stunning just absolutely stunning.  The only other place that has been this beautiful in my opinion that I've seen is Venice that managed to take away my breath like Santorini did.  The first night went to go see the famed Sunsets.  There was huge amounts of people and it was a bit crazy but holy cow it gave me shivers down my spine.  Apparently because of the nearby volcano it affects the sunset and makes it to the world famous thing it is.  People clapped and cheered and you wondered if God was showing off a bit for sure.  I really really want to go back there one day and see more of the islands if I can.  I hear Tinos is great and I at least want to spend a day in Mykonos as well. Ohhhhhhh too many places to go I tell ya!!!

Had a very nice dinner last night at the hotel restaurant before packing up and heading out the next day.  When we got to the airport though we were grounded for like 6 hrs because the winds were too dangerous to take off.  So we missed our connecting flight and had to stay a night in a rather seedy airport hotel that smelled of fags and gave us stale spaghetti for dinner.  I wish that we werent ending our glorious holiday like this but it is what it is.  We then finally managed to get home which felt great.

It was such a fantastic trip---I came home with colour on my skin and a bit of a sunburn in places.  I enjoyed spending time with my sister although because she was pregnant complained a bit but its ok.  I cannot believe what a fantastic opportunity and experience this was because of Scentsy AND the chance to get one of my bucket list items crossed off...COME ON????!!!!

So just a few days to go to Scentsy Convention here in the UK/Ireland and the next trip will be announced for 2015.  I cant wait to find out where we are going can you???

Speak to you soon