Scentsy Halloween Collection 2016

I adore our new Scentsy Halloween Collection.  The Calaca Warmer is gorgeous and hand painted.  Tricks & Treats is an adult colouring book where you can re-use and reuse and colour with markers and then wipe clean and use rubbing alcohol to do that.  Why not schedule a Colouring Party with this warmer or the Reimagine Warmer?  I love the new Haunt Wrap too and not shown is Audrey the Arachnid Buddy Clip.  Its one of the best Catalogues Scentsy have done for Halloween ever.  Have a look and you'll see there's a scent recipe (scentsy signatures) especially for Halloween.  Take 1 cube of cozy chai, 1 cube of sparkling black rum = phantom plum.  How cool is this? Let me know what your favourites from the catalogue are in the comments below.  Click on the arrows to view larger!