Scentsy Harvest / Halloween Collection 2015

With Autumn just around the corner it means Halloween is coming and Harvest Time and Celebrations.  Scentsy will be releasing the Harvest Collection 1st September 2015 and there's a few adorable items up for grabs including a Scentsy Warmer Wrap for the SIlhouette Collection Warmers based on Edgar Allen's poem 'the Raven' and some brand new Scary but very cuddly Halloween Scentsy Buddies.

Scentsy Harvest Halloween Collection

NeverMore Scentsy Wrap

Add intrigue and elegance to a
midnight dreary by placing this
beguiling bird beside your chamber
door. Quoth the raven, Nevermore.
(Pictured above with Travertine Core Warmer)

22.5 cm tall

£44 / €53 warmer + wrap
£13.25 / €16 wrap only



An enchanted jack o’ lantern dressed
in his Halloween best. Listen closely —
you can almost hear a witch’s cackle.
£39 / €46

17 cm tall

Audrey the Arachnid

This spooky spider is oh-so
squishable! And she has eight
furry legs — the better to hug
you with.

£33 / €40

includes one Scent Pak

Itsy Bitsy is returning from last year's Scentsy Warmers.  The warmer is even better looking and super cute in perso and sits on top its own warmer stand...the spiders legs!!!  Talk about creeepy!

£33/40 Eur


Bonehead is another Scentsy Warmer from last year.  This warmer looks extra great in the dark as it glows (you can tell a bit from the picture).  Why not put it in a window to scare the trick or treaters off?


Vlad the Bat Scentsy Buddy

Escape even the darkest night with
this green-winged bat. You’ll be
glad you found Vlad.

£33 / €40
includes one Scent Pak