Scentsy Incentive Trip 2013 update

Remember back in August when I mentioned how they announced the Scentsy Incentive Trip for the EU?  Well....the qualification period ends in ONE WEEK, just ONE week on 31st July. 

We're off to Barcelona, Roma and Cannes on a 5 star Mediterranean Cruise.  Lots of sun, fun and friendships.  I've been working insanely hard on this for 6 whole months and I'm so close that I can smell the dock and see the boat and I can even hear the theme tune to "love boat" in the background:

I've been seriously visualising myself on this boat and even have my own Pinterest board on everything I'll be doing, seeing, eating and wearing on the trip.  There hasn't been a day in the last six months that I havent thought about this trip in great and detailed depth and the chance to earn something for myself and to relax and rest.  It would be my first proper break in ages.

Well anyway....I'm so very very close it would be insane for me not to go after I've gotten this far with it.  This is breaking probably every marketing rule in the book, is a huge faux pax in the business world and probably makes me sound like I'm completely a self-centered dork....but to heck with the faux pax's.....I have to at least mention all of this because otherwise I'd never forgive myself for at least not trying.  Sometimes you just have to send things out into the universe sometimes for little miracles to happen in the off chance---or it could backfire...who knows?

If it doesnt happen it wasnt meant to be....but you've got to try to go for things in life eh?  I will move on and life will move on and I can be proud with how close I got to this.  But at least I have sent all of this out there into internet- land and the universe and maybe....just maybe the stars will align on this for once in my favour. 

Soooo, I'm just putting this out there.....there's  7 days left for ends midnight 31 Jan.... So.....If you have been browsing here for a while or a long timer and love your Scentsy or want to try it finally and would like to help someone at the same time....Please CONTACT ME today .   If you know friends of friends who might like Scentsy....share this post with them.  Let's make this baby viral. LOL  (I know I may not have the same appeal as cats doing funny things :)...but hey?  you never know. hahahah)

 If this is your first time and you're intrigued about what the heck is one of these legendary Scentsy trips....message me as well and I'll tell you all about them and how when you join as a Scentsy consultant you can try to earn a future 'Scentsy Incentive Trip' for you and a loved one as well. But first things first....lets worry about this years incentive trip before future ones. ;)

Anyway...Crossing my fingers and toes.