Scentsy Ireland Spring/Summer Catalogue 2013

This is the new Spring/Summer Scentsy Catalogue which will be coming out in Ireland on the 1 March 2013.  The prices are in Euros so any of you that may live in Europe, this would give you an idea whether you wanted to order and the prices.  Scentsy ships direct to Ireland, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria and Luxembourg.  The price for shipping in the UK is £9 and the price for Europe is 10 EUR which is cheaper than if I were to mail it to you direct from the UK.

You can order direct from my website and ship to Ireland.  It is no more expensive to order from myself than it is from someone who lives in the country.  You can also host a party if you are interested and take advantage of the free and 1/2 price items.

Scentsy Ireland Catalogue Spring/Summer 2013 by