Scentsy is coming to Australia

Yep, Yep Yesiree.......Scentsy Fragrance and Grace Adele will be released 1 September in Australia!!!!  Such Mahoosive opportunity here for people's lives to be blessed by the products and the opportunity.

Scentsy Australia will officially become Region 3, so lots of opportunity for growth here.  The cost of the starter kit for Scentsy is $139 and your PWS will be $13 AUD per month (for Grace Adele costs, please contact me).

To buy Scentsy products you will have to order from an Independent Consultant within Australia.  If you need help finding a consultant please contact me after 1 September.  If you want to be the person people GO TO in Australia for all things Scentsy will have to join as a Consultant and to do that you can pick ANYONE in Europe, USA or Canada to be your sponsor.  I can sponsor you or if you need advice about finding a different sponsor, please feel free to get in touch.

Can you imagine getting on the groundfloor of companies like Starbucks or Walmart or Apple?  Now is your chance.  As with anything there's no guarantees for success but one thing is certain is that I'll be supporting you every step of the way if you choose me as your sponsor.

Exciting times for all of you my Australian friends!!! x

Scentsy Australia
Scentsy Australia