Scentsy New Zealand Opening March 10 2015

Scentsy New Zealand
Scentsy New Zealand

Scentsy is Opening in New Zealand on 10 March 2015.

You can become one of the very first Scentsy Consultants in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, ChristChurch or Wherever you may live in the most gorgeously beautiful country of New Zealand.   Scentsy has been open a while now in Australia but they've never been open in New Zealand and now is your opportunity to take advantage of the success that has swept this area of the world for Scentsy Fragrance.

I am doing a Information Meeting in New Zealand time on 8 February at 9pm.  You can RSVP via Facebook HERE or here is the link to the presentation.  If you cant make it to the presentation, you can request a free info pack by contacting me today.

I will post some more info about the New Zealand launch later on, like cost of kit etc but in the mean time do get in touch.  Scentsy is a global company and as consultants we sponsor team members globally so location of your sponsor has no bearing on whether or not they will be a good mentor or not. Also dont be swayed by people telling you they will be better sponsors to you as they have the biggest teams or any promises given.  The truth of the matter is, the only thing that is responsible for your success with Scentsy is you.  It wouldnt matter if you had a Superstar Director for a sponsor or a Certified Consultant its all down to you.  What I would look for in a sponsor is someone who truly CARES about your success and who just isnt another number for them.  I could easily tell you this is me, but get in touch and I'd love to hear what you hope for yourself with Scentsy and your family.  This is a massive opportunity and I'm here to cheer you on everystep of the way.  Speak to you soon.

With Love,