Scentsy UK: New Consultant Guidebook

I'm actually very thrilled Scentsy has finally put the new consultant guidebook into PDF format for easy sharing.  It means that I can share this openly with all of you so that you can see how to get started with Scentsy and exactly what Scentsy gives you in your new Consultant Starter Kit.   Since I joined this guidebook was only available in your starter kit and not shareable.

So have a look and see what you think and then CONTACT ME for any questions about becoming a Scentsy Consultant. 

I am currently recruiting for the following countries:  UK, Ireland, Germany, Poland, Australia, Mexico and from 1st October 2013 Spain and France.  When you join my family you've got the choice of joining Grace Adele or Scentsy Fragrace also.

Scentsy UK Consultant Start Up Guide by Christine Jolley