Scentsy Starter Kit

My Scentsy starter kit arrived just before the Easter break. 

When you sign up with Scentsy (£94 which includes VAT and shipping) you receive a huge box of Scentsy goodness that will help you begin your business.    Included is 2 warmers (a mid and full size) as well as two scentsy bars, catalogues, business cards, flyers, order forms, party invitations, etc. etc. etc.  You also get a pack of 50 scentsy testers (a sample of the wax) which look like this:

scentsy Starter Kit
scentsy Starter Kit

**Fellow Scentsy consultants:  Don't mind you using this picture but please credit me with a link back to this website.  Use 'Scentsy' as the link text also. Thanks. x

I've spent the first couple of days just SMELLING the testers and I was taken back because I wasn't expecting the scents to smell so nice!    I tested both of the warmers and was also surprised how subtle but lovely the fragrances are.  Obviously I think it depends on the bars you choose but the bars so far didn't 'stink' up the room---they made it better.  The wax lasts a very long time.  When I'm done with the candle, I unplug it and the wax cools and hardens....when I want to warm it up again....I just plug it in and it melts what's in there.  I haven't had to use new bars because the scent just keeps coming!  I did try a new bar scent and so when the wax cooled...I popped it out with a knife into a plastic bag to save for later.  Waste not my grandmother used to always say.

A corner of our 2nd bedroom has been converted to Scentsy HQ.  I was slightly worried about the space for everything being in a teeny London flat...but I'll survive.