Scentsy UK Starter Kit

The Scentsy UK starter kit is always envolving as we add more and more products to our UK product line.  The picture below is what the Scentsy kit looks like at the time of writing this post. 

I've previously written about the Scentsy starter kit in a past blog post but I've never really gone into detail about what the kit looks like in the UK.

Scentsy UK
Scentsy UK

Not shown is your Scentsy website you get for free for the first 3 months.  After the first 3 months its £10 a month.  For the transition months before the new catalogue launches which happen in March and September, the month prior you get not only the fall/winter testers but the new scents also and you get 50/50 on catalogues...1/2 of fall, 1/2 of spring.  Its a fantastic deal and in the long run saves money.  We're nearing one of these transition periods now.  Between 1-29 February get these extra items in your starter kit for no extra cost.  Starter kit is £85 plus shipping which works out to be £94 total.

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