Scentsy UK | Top Selling Products through October 2013

Here were the most popular Scentsy Products in the United Kingdom through October!  If you have noooooo idea about what products to get, this will give you an idea of what everyone else is buying and loving!!

Scentsy Bars:

1.Christmas Cottage
2.Coconut Lemongrass
4.Very Merry Christmas
5.Simply Black Cherry


Scentsy Warmers:

1.Etched core
2.Cube Ebony Gallery
4.Gallery – Cream
5.Black Zebra


Warmer frame – Sparkle

Warmer wrap – Butterfly


If I could recommend anything from this list, I'd say get an Etched Core.  Yes they are a little more expensive but you can get interchangeable wraps including wraps for the holiday season.  I'd then get Black Cherry as its just soooooo incredibly gorgeous and lush!!

So do you already have some of these warmers in your collection?  Let me know in the comments below!! x