Scentsy UK vs Scentsy US

I get a lot of friends in America asking me how Scentsy is different here in the UK and Europe.  Well there's a couple of differences:

1) Our Scentsy warmers are a slightly different design.  In America you have an open warmer where you can easily remove the lightbulbs.  Here in Europe we've got LED lightbulbs that are sealed inside underneath a hotplate where the warmer dish sits on top.  We also have an on/off switch on the warmer whereas in America this is in the electric cord.  Because of the LED lightbulbs our warmers are more environmentally friendly and will last longer.  If for some reason the lights DO GO OUT on your warmer here in Europe, Scentsy gives you a 3 yr guarantee and will replace your warmer FOR FREE.  Cool huh?  Our warmer also have a detachable electric cord.  We've got varying currency here in Europe so there's two types of plugs, the two and three prong.  When you order depending on where you live you are sent your warmer and the plug comes in an entirely different package.  You then attach the cord, plug it in, turn on the warmer (like a night-light), add a cube of a Scentsy bar and Viola.

2) We have EU only Scentsy warmers and scents that arent available in North America.  If you have a look at the UK catalogue or even the Ireland or German'll see scents and warmers that you cannot purchase in the US.  Its the same way for the US and Canada, they will get exclusive Scentsy products that we just wont get either.  I like the way Scentsy has done this though because it means that every Region can feel special.  We also dont have certain products YET that are well known in North scent circles, room sprays, Scent or Warmer of the month, Charity warmers and Scentsy Layers is known as Scentsy Personal Care here due to copyright. 

P.S.  No, we dont have a Union Jack Scentsy Warmer here yet in the UK. I get asked this ALL THE TIME. :)

3) If you join as a consultant here in Europe, the biggest difference you'll see is size and how much people know about the product.  We are starting our 3rd year in Europe come April and in North America they have been there over 7 yrs.   We are just still a baby here.  So we dont have nearly as many Scentsy success items to choose from (business builders) but they are and will be coming in due time.

4) We can sell Scentsy across the entirety of the EU (although Scentsy only ships direct to a small number of EU countries and recruiting isnt opened yet to all countries).  The EU is like a one big country whereas in North America...US consultants wouldnt necessarily be able to sell to Canadian consultants and vice versa.  It all has to do with how the EU is set up for business.


So............these are the main differences between Scentsy in the UK and Europe vs Scentsy in America!!  Hope this makes things all clear now!  If you are ever in need of clarification please feel free to contact me and I'd be glad to help! :)