Scentsy USA and Canada Incentive Trip 2014

This incentive trip was announced earlier in the summer, but I've got my mind on Incentive Trips at the moment (cause I've nearly got the EU one!!) that I thought I'd mention what North America and USA and Canada are doing.  See 2014 is the 10 yr anniversary of Scentsy and so they get 3 choices to choose from:  Their Convention costs paid for, Atlantis Resort Bahamas or the top 100 people get to go to Greece like EUrope does!

So EU peeps you can see what an honour it is to get Greece as that is the most EXCLUSIVE trip to earn for all of North America!

So what I know from my stats is that there's A LOT of North American friends who come and visit me on this site, what I'd like to know is how many of you ARENT consultants yet?  If you arent did you know that I CAN sponsor you??  Yes I can!!  I'm ALREADY sponsoring people from the USA and I most definitely want to add to the party!!

So you must join the family and become a Scentsy Consultant as well and all you have to do is click the little old button here: