Scentsy Vocab Fun

I know you're excited as much as me but how about I go through some of the Vocab/Words we use here all the time with Scentsy.  That way when you decide to join (hint, hint---and the special join deal ends tomorrow by the way) that you'll already be a pro and will be able to teach your new team the in's and out's of the Scentsy Way.  ;) Grab a cup of tea and put your thinking hat on, because the 'vocab' party is about ready to begin: 

Active:  A Scentsy consultant is considered active if they have at least 150 points in Personal Retail Volume (PRV) during the monthly commission period.  Consultants within your downline must meet these criteria to be considered active as listed on the compensation plan.

Bonus:  The amount paid out to leaders (Lead Consultants and above) as a percentage of Personal Wholesale Volume (PWV) on personal sales and the Team Wholesale Volume (TWV) of downline consultants' sales.

Commission:  The compensation paid to a consultant for the personal sales of commisionable Scentsy products.

Current:  A Scentsy consultant is current if they have at least 150 points in PRV in one month during a 3 consecutive month period.  Current Consultants have the ability to order and sell Scentsy products.

Director (Q):  The title assigned to any Director who has not qualified for the Director rank for 3 consecutive months.

Downline:  A Consultants frontline and all Consultants enrolled under their frontline.

Frotline:  All Consultants in the first level of a Consultants downline.  These are the consultants you personally recruit.

Generation:   A term to describe the relationship of Directors to each other within a group.

Group:  A consultant and everyone in their downline.

Group Wholesale Volume (GWV):  The sum of the Personal Wholesale Volume (PWV) of each person in a group.

Level:  How your downline is organised and the distance of each downline consultant from you.

Perpetual Party Reward:  Additional half price item to be given to a host when he or she attends a party booked by a guest at his or her own party.

Personal Retail Volume:  The point value of commisionable products you sell.

Personal Website (PWS):   When you join Scentsy, you get a FREE 3 month subscription to your own personal website (PWS), which will help you promote your business and recruit new consultants.  You can maintain your PWS for a subscription fee of £10, vat inclusive, per month after the first 3 months.

Personal Wholesale Volume (PWV):  75% of the point value of commissionable products that you sell.  PRV x 75% = PWV.

Rank:  The qualification level at which the consultants compensation will be determined from month to month.  (You must hit the targets set out in compensation plan to be paid for that title even if you are a title above)

Sponsor:  The individual you enrolled under to become a Scentsy Consultant.

Starter Kit:  The Starter Kit contains the tools necessary to start your Scentsy Business.  This £85, VAT inclusive kit is required as part of your enrolment as a Scentsy Consultant.

Team:  A consultant and their downline, excluding any Directors in their group and those Directors downlines.

Team Wholesale Volume (TWV):   The sum of the Personal Wholesale Volume (PWV) for each person on a team.

Title:  The highest rank achieved by a consultant to date or director Q.

Wholesale Volume:  The value of retail volume after commissions have been subtracted.  Retail Sales Volume x 75% = Wholesale Volume

Workstation:  This is the heart of your Scentsy Business.  You will use it to place and track orders, set up your events, track your sales, receive information on Scentsy news and events and much more.  You can log in with your consultant ID and password at or as appropriate.


Soooo......there you go....Dont you feel just a bit smarter with all these Scentsy words??  Now is the time to Join so you can use these words ALL THE TIME!! :)



(Vocab taken from the Scentsy New Consultant Startup Guide)