Silhouette, Gallery, Premium, Deluxe + Element Warmers

This catalogue you've probably noticed that there's been a change of how Scentsy warmers are priced and categorised.  We used to have the Full Size and Mid Size besides the Silhouette and Gallery Collections but now there's categories called Premium and Deluxe Warmers.

Why did Scentsy change the price of some of the warmers?  Its a much better reflection of the materials, time and cost needed surrounding the making of these wonderful products.

The Silhouette Collection

The Silhouette Collection involves the Etched Core Scentsy Warmer which has a glowing core and is a white base.  You then have numerous wraps available to choose from and mix and match the look of your warmer.  This also includes Holiday Wraps.  If you want a great investment and your money to go as far as possible then in my opinion go for a warmer from the Silhouette Collection.

Gallery Collection

The Gallery Collection you can choose a Black Cube Ebony Warmer or Classic Cream as your base and then there's a multitude of frames to choose from to add to your warmer.  My personal favourite is the new Van Gogh Frame Collection because I'm an art freak but there's also the bling range or the classic range.  The Gallery Collection is very very popular.


Premium Scentsy Warmers

Premium Scentsy Warmers stand out with high end materials and finishes, handcrafted ornaments and distinctive shapes.  Each Premium Warmer is seriously a work of art.  We've got some of our best selling warmers in here:  the Jane, Fizz and there's some of my personal favourites Chevron and Streamers too. There's a lot of White Glowing Warmers here.  What does a glowing warmer mean?  It means that its crafted out of porcelin that glows from within when lit.  Think of a very nice smelling night light. x


Deluxe Scentsy Warmers

Express yourself with amazing colours, textures and patterns.  With our Deluxe warmers there is something for every space and style. My personal favourite warmers from this range are the Tilia and Finch glowing warmers of course.  The Anvil is one of my best sellers and I love the reactive glaze of Aqua. What is reactive glaze?  Its a type of process they use with the ceramics of the warmers to give it that 'handcrafted look'.  The Contenta is another one of our big sellers and perfect for any space because of its cream colour and has a crackle finish.  With crackle finishes its a glaze that crackles when heat is applied in the kiln.  Tiny cracks then appear in the finish giving the warmer a distinct, aged look.

Element Scentsy Warmers

The Element Warmers are our cheapest and smallest warmers and whilst you can see the illumination and lights in the other warmers, the element warmers there's no visible lights and a heating element gently warms the wax...Very Very cool eh?


So these are the new categories of Scentsy Warmers.....Would love to hear what your personal favourites are in the comments below!! x