Simply Scentsy Collection

Simply Scentsy Collection
Simply Scentsy Collection

For the Spring/Summer Catalogue there's an entirely new set of Scentsy bars called the 'Simply Scentsy Collection'.  The Catalogue describes it as this......"Each Simply Scentsy Fragrance is the very essence of an ingredient - the spicy rush of cinnamon, the lush bloom of rose, the juicy heart of strawberry.  You can enjoy these scents on their own or combine them with one of your favourite Scentsy Bars for a personalised fragrance experience. "  So basically whereas when you buy scentsy bars online you get a mixture of scents, this is just ONE rose, cinnamon, etc.

Here in the UK especially there's been a big demand for English Rose and Simply Rose is one of my biggest sellers for scentsy scents.  I would have to say that this one is my favourite as well.  I do love cinnamon but I prefer scents like My Home or Welcome Home where the cinnamon gives a natural 'warming' feel to it.

So what is there to choose from in the Simply Scentsy Collection?

Simply Cinnamon

Simply Lime

Simply Rose

Simply Strawberry

Vanilla Cream

Vanilla Cream is also available as a scent pakin the current catalogue.  Dont forget that you can do the combine and save offers either the 3 or 6 pack to save the most money!!! Obviously as well hosting a party is the mother of all ways to earn free and 1/2 price goodies too!!  You dont have to pay full price with Scentsy you really don't!