Structure of Scentsy Fragrance Design


Are you curious how Scentsy Structures their fragrances?  Well I learned about Scentsy's Fragrance Design structure at World Tour a few weeks ago and would like to share with you what I've learned:

Top Notes:  are what you smell first.  When you warm a fragrance, they evaporate first;  this happens between 21-49° C.

Mid Notes:  also called heart notes, give a fragrance its character.  When you warm a fragrance, they evaporate second;  this happens between 49-71° C.  In a Scentsy fragrance, they typically last 24 hrs longer than top notes.

Base Notes:  Give the fragrance longevity.  Sometimes you can't even detect the base notes from a bar without warming it.  When you warm a fragrance, they evaporate last;  this happens between 71-104° C.  Typically, they can last as long as 3-5 days.  If you warmed a bar for three straight days, all that would be left is the base notes.

Scentsy Wax melts at 49° C;  its formulated to be warmed at 56° C in our warmers.  Additional or prolonged heat causes ingredients to evaporate faster.  As you can see from the evaporation temperatures of the top, mid, and base notes, our warmers are designed to keep the wax at a temperature which maintains the mid and base notes.  So we don't lose those top notes too soon, the fragrance pyramid in our Scentsy bars is inverted; that is our bars are top note heavy.  We do this because we want the fragrance you smell when you first open a bar to last over time.