The Dating Game: Scentsy Edition


Host:  Its time to meet our 3 Bachelors folks! 

Bachelors Number 1  comes to us from Sunny Cuba, loves long walks on the beach and sipping pina coladas...Please welcome to the stage:  Havana Cabana!!!!!

Bachelor Number 2 is a professional bakery chef and has made his fortune bringing sweetness to everyone he meets....please welcome:  Sugar Cookie!!

and finally Bachelor 3 is an Associate Professor at NYU in English Lit, please welcome "My Dear Watson!!!!

Now we've kept our lovely young lady secluded off stage with earphones on so she can't hear the introductions of our 3 gentlemen.  So lets now meet her:

"Bold, Confident, Curvaceous and Classic".  She loves old movies and definitely commands a room"  ...Please Welcome FLARE!!!!  (clapping)


Now FLare you can ask these 3 gentlemen anything you'd like to make up your mind except age, occupation, name and income.  Whomever you choose gets an all expense paid night on the town.  (audience:  oooooooooo).  Allright Flare lets get started with the questions:

Bachelor 1....what's your idea of a relaxing night in?

A:  "A bit of salsa music before a nice dinner topped off with dessert of berries, oranges, bananas and pineapple"

Flare:  " Sounds So Exotic" bout you Bachelor 2?

A:  I'd bake you 365 cookies to mark how many days I'd give you my heart

Flare (blushing) sound so sweet!  Bachelor number 3?

A:  I'd read you poetry from Lord Byron and excerpts from Shakespeare., I love a good book! question....Bachelor 2.....Are you ok with a confident woman?

A:  As long as I can bake for her of course!

Bacehlor number 1....what about you?

A:  Yes the more confident....the easier for the salsa dancing!

Bachelor number 3:  Confident and Educated and I'm happy.

Flare:  You all are making it so hard to choose!

Last question.....Bachelor number 3....what is your best qualities?

A:  I'm refreshing but also sophistated and smart

Bachelor number 2? 

A:  I'm warm in heart in every way.

Bachelor number 1?

A:  My love will last (60-80hrs each pack to be exact).

Host:  Ok....Flare now its time for you to make your choice.  When we return from this message from our sponsor, you'll tell us which Bachelor you've chosen...will it be Bachelor 1?  Bachelor number 2?  or Bachelor number 3?

(Commercial Break)

Welcome Back Folks (clapping) Flare have you chosen? 

Flare:  Yes.....I've decided to go with Havana Cabana!!!  I've always loved the exotic and am a sucker for pineapples and berries.

Host:  Come on out Havana Cabana......

(Both share a warm embrace....not too warm to melt though)


Host:  So lets find out where you're going on your all expenses paid trip on the town??

Announcer Voice:  Think....Modern Decor....seaside views....a cocker spaniel named fluffy who will for sure give you privacy and the perfect place to get to know each other right in my kitchen!  You're coming to my house!!!

Flare/Havana Cabana and Audience:  ooooooooooo

(clapping) (Flare and Havana Cabana jumping up and down)


Host:  Thank You so much for watching here on the Dating Game, and I hope that you too.....find the perfect match for your warmer. 

Goodnight Everyone

(Throws a Kiss)