The only Alternative to Candles you'll ever Need.

Q:  Do you need an Alternative to Candles?  A:  Choose Scentsy Wickless Candles

There is NO SOOT, NO LEAD and NO FLAME.  Scentsy warmers are electric and use LED lightbulbs to heat a hotplate which then gently warms the cubes of wax in the warmer dish.  The scent is then released and the wax never dissipates into the air or in your lungs either.  There's no need to add water and once the scent is gone you can either pour it back into the Scentsy bar packaging or let it harden, pop it out and then throw the wax out.  Its biodegradable and food grade wax so no worries about the environmental impact of Scentsy waxes. 

Scentsy warmers don't get very hot so there's no risk of hurting yourself with the hot wax and because they are electric there's no worry about accidentally forgetting to blow out the candle.  So many house fires are caused by 'accidents'.  With Scentsy there is no risk of fire.  You can even put your warmer on a timer and have it turn on and off as you desire. x

Scentsy only uses just a fraction of electricity.  You can unplug it at any time or like I mentioned put it on a timer. 

Scentsy will last a lot longer than most jar candles on the market today.  Each Scentsy bar lasts up to 60-80 hrs depending on the size of the room and the fragrance.  The bars are only £5 whereas most jar candles are £15 and up. 

You'll find that the smell of Scentsy is AMAZING.  Please don't hesitate to contact me to request any free samples of Scentsy bars that sound good to you.

With oil burners there's the risk of them getting too hot and blowing up.  I've heard countless stories from customers about how their oil burners exploded because of the heat.

A lot of warmers also require tea lights to Scentsy...its very very easy to plug it in and just let it be.  Simplicity redefined. x

Scentsy warmers are gorgeous additions to your home decor and even come in creative designs like our Cupcake warmer:

a safer alternative to scented candles
a safer alternative to scented candles

a beautiful alternative to your jar candle.

So what are you waiting for??  Order Scentsy today. 

The Safer, Healthier, better alternative to scented candles. x