Thoughts on Convention

I'm still trying to take in everything that's happened this weekend.  I honestly never thought that Scentsy could top last years convention but they did in every possible way.  

I've been trying to think of how to describe these last few days and I came up with the following three things:

1) Friendship/Love/Laughter

It felt so good to see everyone again.  People knew who I was and I had sooo many hugs, how are you doing?? and its nice to see you.  I felt so much love and support from the other consultants.  I have to tell you even the hotel receptionist commented on how inspired she was when she saw how close we all are. 

Laughed soooo much which felt really good.  I don't laugh enough.  Life's far too short and I'm going to change that.  It felt good to relax and forget about all the crazy mess that home can be and just fill that space in the heart with good, positive things. 

2) Inspiration

I just love hearing Heidi and Orville Thompson speak every year.  They exude just such positive-ness.  I learn so much from them about how to become a better person and individual. 

This year the talks were just amazing.  Orville talked about the spirit of cooperation and Heidi's talk was a letter to her daughter about lessons she's learned on how to live an amazing life.  She also encouraged us to find something this year that 'Lights the Fire Within' and make this the year that you live the life you've always wanted.

(This song was played at Convention)

3) Tools for my business

I Think this is always the main part of any Convention is the product and learning skills and getting training to do better with Scentsy.  I loved hearing the experiences of other consultants and getting tips that might help me with my own Scentsy journey.

Of course Convention includes introduction of the new fall line (which is GORGEOUS) and free product giveaways as well.  I always really love seeing the new products coming and Scentsy just puts in so much hard work every year to bring us beautiful items to bring to our customers.

Every year my gratitude for Scentsy coming into my life just grows.  I'm so grateful for this opportunity and for the blessings its brought only my life but for the opportunity to share this blessing with others as well.

Want to join me next year??  Contact me and we can go on this Scentsy journey together. x