Travel Tin Tuesday: Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home Scentsy Travel Tin
Home Sweet Home Scentsy Travel Tin

When I think of Home Sweet Home, I think of my family back in the states.  I'm an expat living in London, UK and I don't get home very often because I can't afford the plane ticket.  It didn't used to bother me but as I'm getting older and the more and more I miss friends' weddings and loved ones funerals, not to mention nieces and and nephews getting bigger...a little part of me aches to be closer. 

I haven't always gotten along with family and even to this day find it difficult to spend long periods of time with them (although I do miss them).  I had a far from easy childhood and I think part of the reason why I moved abroad and so far away was because I needed that distance to heal myself.  The more and more and more I've healed and the more I've forgiven, the more I've allowed myself to be closer to family far away and even people here in the UK.  I do feel like my Home is here but Home is in the states too...if that makes sense.  I've got a different tribe or family here but in the end combining everything together makes everything all the more sweeter.

I'd like to share some pictures of when I went home in 2010.  It was for my brothers funeral.  We spent some time on the beach and with extended family including some of my uncles and aunts:


Tell me about your family in the comments below. x