Tucker the Tiger Scentsy Buddy

So we had a gorgeous little dragon Scentsy Buddy named Scout that sold out, so they've introduced a brand new Scentsy Buddy mid season called Tucker the Tiger!!! Isnt he adorable.  He will be available to purchase in the UK and Europe from November 10th.  What are Scentsy Buddies?  They have a little pouch in the back with a zipper that can fit a scent pak.  You can pick from a multiple list of your choice of scents and it makes the stuffed animal smell gorgeous.  You dont need to heat the scent pak, it works without.  Its quite comforting for kids to sleep with especially the little ones with nightmares.  Its available for £28, 33 EUR from my website.  If you want to get this for half price be sure to host a party....there's no reason to say its expensive when if you have the gals around you can get this for 1/2 off is there???

So these Scentsy Buddies go very quickly they do so I cant guarantee how long that he will be around.  Scout the dragon sold out in less than 2 months. 

If you do order from my website, be sure to look for the party order for Great Ormond Street Hospital.  25% of the proceeds from the sale of the items from this site will go towards the Christmas Toy Appeal.  Ive done it every year and have had the opportunity to deliver quite a few toys to little kids who need it.  It doesnt cost you absolutely anything extra than normal but goes to a good cause, so look for the link if you can!!!

Tucker looks so brave dont you think?  A perfect companion to ward off any scary dreams that come your way. :)

Tucker the Tiger Scentsy Buddy Europe and UK
Tucker the Tiger Scentsy Buddy Europe and UK