Understanding the Scentsy Compensation Plan

The Scentsy Compensation Planunlike a lot of direct sales companies is quite transparent.  In fact you'll find the compensation plan at the back of all Scentsy catalogues clearly visible to see.  You won't need to join before you see or know how much money you'll potentially make which is pretty unique to Scentsy.  Not sure why some direct sales are so secretive about their compensation plan as its so crucial to what you'll be doing with your time!

Progressing with Scentsy depends on two things:  1) Monthly Sales, 2) Recruits and their success.  When you combine the two together you advance in title and your level of compensation increases.  You cannot do well with Scentsy unless you give back to your team and they pass on that spirit of giving.

Initially you start out as an escential consultant at 20% of all sales not including any shipping of course (your PRV)....once you reach the 1k PRV marker you then move to certified.  To progress beyond this you'll need recruits.  As you can see each level depends on how well they do.  Your recruits will contribute to your group and team wholesale volumes.  Active means getting an equivalent in £150 in sales or 150 PRV.  Not all recruits can get active every month so building your team as much as you can is crucial to success.

You will never lose your title once you promote but it depends on how well you do for a specific month for your monthly pay packet.  For example...say you are at superstar consultant and you have a bad month in sales and your team has done poorly as well...you'd be paid at 25% which once you hit certified is your baseline commission forever.  Getting over 25% is completely up to sales and your team.

You can see the requirements to hit each title and the bonuses for each.  Wholesale volume generally means .75% of your PRV or team/group numbers.  So say your PRV was 100 for the month...the wholesale for this is 75.  Easy peasy.

I personally think the Compensation Plan is quite generous and not only do you get this amazing commission % but you get all the free and 1/2 price goodies you ever want.  A perfect set up for those Scentsy fans out there.

There's a lot more that I could explain about the compensation plan but this is just a beginning introduction.  If you have any questions about joining or more information about how to earn money and be successful with Scentsy feel free to contact me at ldnwickless@gmail.com

Scentsy compensation plan
Scentsy compensation plan