Understanding the Scentsy Compensation Plan Part 2

My previous post on Understanding the Scentsy Compensation Plan is in my top 5 of all time popular posts on this blog, so I thought I'd add a little bit more information to make this into a little 'series' and to help in understanding your pay packet when you join Scentsy.

I think the more and more you move up in the ranks, the more you will understand why you are being paid as you are. 

Commission is based on points not monetary amount.  However, the PRV (or the points value of commissionable products you sell) happens to be the value of our Scentsy products minus VAT/tax. 

Scentsy is also an international company so your commission will be multiplied by a Peg Rate to make the pay for all Scentsy consultants everywhere to be 100% equal.  The Peg Rate for the UK is .833.

So as an example...you sold 200 PRV of Scentsy for the month.  Your commission would be worked out as follows:

200 PRV x .20 (20% for escential consultant...this percentage goes up as you advance) x .833 Peg Rate = £33.32 in commissions for the month. 

If you build a team you get bonus % based on sales.  (Please refer to my previous post for a diagram of the compensation plan)

Once you hit certified you will never go below 25%.  When you go higher than certified (by building a team, which is the way to increase your monthly revenue with Scentsy) it depends on your month to month sales what you'll be paid on.  So for example....Your official title is Star Consultant but you only sell £200 in product and your team only does £600 in sales, you'd be paid for Certified Consultant for that month.  (The requirements are a bit more complicated for Director and above) You can monitor what your projected pay for the month is in your Performance tab on your workstation if you're confused about how to figure it out.  It does help to start understanding the compensation plan though so you can explain it to potential recruits and new team members who can then explain it to their potential recruits and new team members.

 When you first join Scentsy you dont have to worry about hitting certain quotas for sales except from July to December each year to remain on Scentsy's books you need to put in an order of at least £1.  If you want to build a team (highly recommended) there's other requirements:

- Become active once within 3 months or your team/down line will roll up to the consultant above you (your sponsor).  Active means 150 PRV in sales and your team is everyone you've personally sponsored who hasnt become a director yet. 

-Consistently maintain at least £500 in sales.  This is to ensure you promote as your team promotes and that you'll continue to get paid on what they do.  If you don't, you risk them passing you up in title and losing out on the % you earn from them (you have to remain ahead of them to be paid on their work).

So that's a little bit more about the compensation plan.  Watch for next time where I delve into some of the more common vocab used by Scentsy consultants when talking about this subject. x