Using Scentsy as a Corporate Gift

Are you a company looking for something new, quality and inexpensive to give to your employees?  Why not consider giving Scentsy as a corporate gift.  Scentsy is a comforting and gorgeous addition to any home (or any office).  We have a variety of styles to fit new and modern decor and the warmers can be left on 24/7 so no worries about whether you forgot to blow out the candle when leaving for a last minute business trip.

Our bars are gently warmed instead of burned so can hold far more fragrance for longer giving 60-80 hrs each.  Each Scentsy warmer has a 3 yr guarantee, so if anything happens or the LED light bulbs go out, Scentsy will replace the warmer for free. 

You would be not only supporting a small business as myself but you'd be using products from a company that has been featured on Forbes, the inc500 list and is one of the fastest growing private companies in the in Europe and worth over 500m.  In less than 10 yrs they've grown to Number 20 in Global Sales for the entire Direct Selling Association and has surpassed Pampered Chef and Partylite.  Scentsy has the philosophy of giving more than they take and their philanthropy is well known in the US and they soon to hope to do the same in Europe as well.  So business wise they deserve at least a nod for their huge success in such a short time.

When you order Scentsy as a corporate gift in bulk you will benefit from the 'hostess' discounts and free product for orders available over £150.  When you order through myself you will have the personal touch needed as each Gift will be hand wrapped with love personally by me.

So contact me today to discuss your needs as a business and how Scentsy can easily fit into this equation.

Here's our CEO, Orville Thompson discussing Scentsy on Fox Business News about how much the business has thrived especially during the recession: