What are Scentsy Buddies?

Scentsy Buddy
Scentsy Buddy

Scentsy Buddies.....are ADORABLE, cute cuddly stuffed animals suitable for children ages 3 and up who when you squeeze them....they release just the right amount of Scentsy Scent. 

There are 8 scents PAK's to choose from that go inside your Buddy.  These pak's can be used also in drawers, closets, gym bags or anywhere you'd like a touch of Scentsy.

The current Scent pak scents are:

-Autumn Sunset

-Black Raspberry Vanilla

-French Lavender


-Honey Pear Cider

-Newborn Nursery

-Sweet Pea and Vanilla

-Vanilla Cream

Scentsy Buddies are £25 each (includes one scent pak) and the replacement Scent Pak's are £7.  The Scent pak's will last at least a month...but have been known to last for months!

You can also register your buddy on scentsybuddy.com where you will find downloads and games to play with you Buddy!



on 2011-10-18 19:53 by Christine

Scentsy Buddy
Scentsy Buddy

Pookie the Polar Bear.....available this holiday season.  :)