What is a Scentsy Catalogue Party?

There's different types of parties with Scentsy depending on your schedule.  Whilst obviously we'd prefer to have you book a Home Party so we can do the full 'Scentsy Treatment'....this just isnt possible for some who have busy schedules.  There are basket parties where we give a small amount of Scentsy products and put it in a small basket along with catalogues and order forms, but sometimes people dont feel comfy taking all those products into work or to carry it around for fear of breaking something or loss.

Soooooo, that's where catalogue parties come in.  What I do with a Catalogue Party is I will either give or post you an A4 envelope full of 5-10 catalogues/product sheets and as many different samples of Scentsy scents as I can.  You would then write down all of the orders, have your friends pay you and then contact me when you've got £150 or more to take advantage of the hostess rewards.  There's less risk with a Catalogue Party and you are free to keep the catalogues and the samples....no need to arrange to get the products back to me or worrying about keeping it in the same condition. 

A catalogue party can be done in any time frame unlike a basket party that I'd need the products back in 1-2 weeks.  As soon as you get £150 or more in orders, just contact me and we can close the party and you can take advantage of the free and 1/2 price Scentsy!

So what do you think of the idea of a Catalogue Party?  Contact me today to book your party or to ask any further questions! :)

Scentsy catalogue Party
Scentsy catalogue Party