What is Scentsy ScenTrend?

Scentsy started Scent Trend last year with the bar 'Pink Pepper' and its now an annual scent that is released.  Its like the Tiffany's watch of scents, the most popular high end in scent trends released in its own bar.  What does one do with a ScentTrend bar?  In the Scentsy catalogue you'll see small little pics next to Scentsy Bars.  You can add a cube to these bars to make them even MORE AMAZING than they already are. 

Here's a pic of Last years ScentTrend 2012 in times Square which is a perfect place for all up and coming trends right?

Scentsy Scentrend 2013
Scentsy Scentrend 2013

This year the ScentTrend 2013 is 'Violet Leaf'.  Violet Leaf is a simple but amazing scent that captures the very essence of green — dewy, fresh, organic, and just a little floral.

Violet Leaf Scentsy Scent Trend
Violet Leaf Scentsy Scent Trend

Here's a video Introduction to Violet Leaf.

P.S.  Although Scentsy recommends to not use ScentTrend on its own, consultants have and have LOVED the scent so experiment and see what you think with different scents or by itself!!


Here are some frequently asked questions about ScentTrend:

Q: What is ScenTrend?

A:  ScenTrend offers consumers insight into leading home fragrance trends. Designated annually by Scentsy Fragrance, a growing international leader in fragrance, ScenTrend identifies the up and coming fragrance note which consumers will find in home as well as fine fragrances. The ScenTrend designation is based on fragrance evaluations and trend analysis by experts at Scentsy Fragrance and leading international fragrance houses.

Q: What is ScenTrend 2013 and what does it smell like?

A:  ScenTrend 2013 is Violet Leaf.  Violet Leaf exudes an organic, green fragrance with a subtle floral undertone. The earthy violet leaf note has a cut grass feel with watery accents of melon and cucumber and is very different from the fragrance of a violet flower, which has a sweet, powdery scent.

Q: Where does Violet Leaf come from?

A:  First cultivated by the ancient Greeks, violets are native to the temperate northernhemisphere, growing in woodlands, meadows, and along hiking trails across the United States and Europe. The heart shaped violet leaf unfurls in the early spring, cradling the blooms of more than 400 varieties of violets. Unlike the fragrance from violet blooms, Violet Leaf is extracted from the leaves of violets.

Q: Who identified Violet Leaf as the ScenTrend 2013?


Violet Leaf was identified by a team of industry leading fragrance experts at Scentsy Fragrance and international fragrance houses.

Q: Why does Scentsy Fragrance identify a yearly fragrance trend?

A: Scentsy is passionate about the art of fragrance creation, and ScenTrend provides a way forfragrance lovers to enhance their fragrance experience. Scentsy Fragrance developed its expertise in identifying and defining fragrance trends through detailed analysis and evaluation of hundreds of fragrance notes, raw materials, and finished scents. The company’s high quality fragrances have received an overwhelmingly positive response from consumers since Scentsy’s start in 2004.

Q: How can Violet Leaf enhance my environment?

A: A powerful trigger for mood and memories, scent enhances our daily lives and has the ability to influence the ambiance of any environment.  Violet Leaf is herbaceous and fresh, evoking a sense of tranquillity while providing the perfect backdrop to unwind and decompress. Its pure expression of nature is a subtle reminder to unplug from our increasingly connected, digital world.

Q: Where else is Violet Leaf used in fragrance?


The following fine fragrances contain violet leaf as an identifiable note.

Fame by Lady Gaga

Violet Blonde by Tom Ford

Flora by Gucci

Q:  What fragrance did Scentsy introduce to highlight ScenTrend 2013?

A:  In recognition of ScenTrend 2013, Scentsy introduced Posy Peach, a fuzzy ripe peach balanced by green, tender tendrils of violet leaf in a fragrance that hints at lazy sunny days.  For those who simply can’t get enough of Posy Peach’s violet leaf notes, Scentsy also introduced a single note Violet Leaf Scentsy Bar, designed exclusively for mixing with select Scentsy fragrances.

Q: What other Scentsy fragrances go well with Violet Leaf and how should I mix them with Violet Leaf?

A:  Green and herbaceous with subtle floral notes, Violet Leaf is perfect for creating a customized fragrance experience. Just add a cube or two of refreshing Violet Leaf to your favourite Scentsy fragrance and enjoy the way it blends beautifully to create a unique fragrance. Look for in the Scentsy catalogue fragrance pages for scents that are perfect for mixing with Violet Leaf. The fragrances include:

1. Posy Peach

2. Apple Press

3. Lotus Cove

4. Serene Green

5. Honeymoon Hideaway

6. Simply Lime

7. My Home

8. Mariner

9. Eastern Treasures

10. Red Ginger Flower

Q: What can I expect when I mix single note Violet Leaf with other Scentsy fragrances that have the ScenTrend logo?

A: Violet Leaf adds refreshing, herbaceous notes when mixed with suggested Scentsy Bars. Scentsy Fragrance does not recommend warming single note Violet Lea on its own. It is intended to be used as a mixer to add the fresh and herbaceous nature of ScenTrend 2013:  Violet Leaf to existing Scentsy fragrances.

Q: What is a fragrance note?

A: Drawing upon a music metaphor, home and fine fragrances are made up of top, mid and bottom notes. A finished fragrance is a carefully constructed composition that unfolds over time, first releasing top notes followed by the deeper middle notes, leaving the base notes to emerge as the final step. Detailed knowledge of how particular fragrance notes evaporate is required to make a full, round and complete fragrance.