What is Scentsy Wax?

This may seem like a stupid question, but obviously its NOT because there's quite a few of you who search for this every month and want to know....what the heck is Scentsy wax?

Scentsy wax is biodegradable food grade wax, the same kind of wax that makes apples shiny but has far less petroleum than other candles on the market...less than .01% for food grade wax.  The wax is non toxic so if you accidentally digest it, you wont die a Scentsy death.  LOL

Its the same base but comes in different colours and our different signature Scentsy scents.  The wax and colour doesnt dissipate, its just the scent and our scent has different 'scents' based on the melting points of the wax....so if you think you're not smelling your scent have a sniff you may be smelling the mid or bottom notes for the fragrances and the Top note is the scent that disappeared the quickest as it was the strongest.

What do you do with our Scentsy wax?  You break a cube off and put it into your choice of Scentsy warmer.  We've got different designs for different Home decors.  The scent will last 6-8 hrs each cube and then its time to replace your wax.  To remove the wax from your warmer,  you just pour back into the container for your scentsy bar or you let it harden and gently pop it out.

Here's a little video about our fragrances.  If you'd like a free sample of one of our Scents just contact me today and I'd be glad to send you some: