Where can I buy a Scentsy Warmer?

Scentsy isnt sold in stores because its a Direct Sales company.  What this means is that you buy your Scentsy warmer direct from your Independent Consultant instead of in a shop.  Scentsy could have easily set up the company to be available in stores but using the Direct Sales concept 1) helps improve the lives of individual consultants like myself and 2) The quality is far far better and you get much better customer service than if you were to buy it in a shop.

There ARE businesses who do use Scentsy and if you own a business in the UK (hair salon, spa, vet clinic, etc) please do get a hold of me and we can discuss having a loaner warmer for a week. 

So where do you buy Scentsy warmers if you cant buy them in a shop?

-Purchase direct from my website (click on the Buy Tab on the top of this page)

-Contact me if you are in Europe

-Contact me if you live in North America and I'll locate a Scentsy Consultant near you who you can buy a Warmer.

-Google Search:  Scentsy Europe and/or the country you live in

-Visit Scentsy.net and use the Find your Consultant locator for a consultant near you.

-Join my mailing list to find out what events I'll be at in near future in your local area.


Do get in touch via email first before ordering as I may have retired warmers, etc that you could choose from as well and we can discuss ways to get the most for your money.  Especially with Bar Reorders contacting me intially is the best way to save money on shipping. You can also host a party as well, there's different options for different schedules and it doesnt necessarily mean that I have to come over to your house, we do catalogue parties and FB parties as well.