Where to find retired Scentsy Warmers

Are you looking for a retired Scentsy Warmer from a past catalogue season?  Do you have a favourite that isnt available anymore?  Well if you contact your Scentsy Consultant (MOI), we can usually help.  Consultants sometimes have a limited stock of old season warmers left over from events, shows, personal stock, etc.  I have a very limited selection of retired warmers in the stock I do have...but what I also can do is contact other consultants as well to see if we can find what you are looking for.  The only thing to consider though is the fact if you break your dish you may not be able to find a replacement dish for it as previous catalogues will only have replacement dishes available for about a year.

If you subscribe to my newsletter, I'm always talking about the few Scentsy warmers I have remaining (I DONT HAVE MANY LEFT).  Every warmer deserves a home and love, so I wont stop until I have found a home for each of these remaining warmers I still have.

Are you in the US or Canada?  Contact me as I also chat to loads of N. American consultants and can help you find a consultant where you live to help.  Do you live in Ireland or Mainland EU? Contact me as well as we can get something sorted for you. x

What's your favourite retired warmer from past seasons?  I know it sounds silly but I have a soft spot for Boho Chic as it was my very first warmer that came in my starter kit when I joined Scentsy.  Some people think she's ugly, but I think there's a certain charm about her dont you think?