Why August is the best month to join Scentsy

Join Scentsy
Join Scentsy

this months Scentsy starter kit

1.  You get £44 in Scentsy product free (£35 + £9 shipping)

2.  More time to prepare and be successful for the upcoming holiday season

3.  More time to earn next years Scentsy incentive trip:  A cruise around the mediterranean.  You also get 1k points to start you off this month....Just for joining!!

4.  Extra catalogues.....extra opportunity to use those catalogues to pass around to businesses instead of having to hold on to all your catalogues for parties.

5.  Opportunity to use the holiday scent testers included as a way to gain excitement for the upcoming holiday season.

6.  You can use that £44 you saved as a treat for yourself.  Go and get a massage or get your nails done.

7.  This special offer for double Scentsy starter kit only happens twice a year:  August and February.  February we generally don't get as many testers as August because of the holiday season.  So you get more testers than February.

8.  A chance to use your Scentsy money to buy this years Christmas gifts

9.  You'll have the spring/summer testers available for next year which will save you money or if you attend  convention (where we get the new testers anyway)....you can use these testers as free hostess gifts.

10. Because you deserve this!!  You've waited far too long in doing something for yourself and now is the time!!!  Why wait when you can change your life TODAY.