Why buy Scentsy?

With the array of X-boxes, iphones, gift cards and new gadgets on offer this holiday season I often see the look in peoples eyes at events of why should I buy Scentsy?  I've got a burner with tea lights...I don't NEED a candle...or a Scentsy Buddy...Why should I get Scentsy when I can get a much cheaper candle for 1/2 the price?  Its JUST a candle!!  Why should I care about Scentsy?

Well there's a lot of reasons.

1)  You don't need to fight the crowds when you buy Scentsy.  Instead of losing sleep to brave the cold to then get an elbow in your eye whilst someone fights you over that last waffle iron...You can shop in your pajamas with a cup of coffee or hot cocoa next to you.


2)  When you support small businesses, you make a difference.

Big stores like Walmart, Gap, TJ Maxx, etc....how much of your purchase goes to the people doing the work?  When you buy Scentsy, I get a generous % of commission off of each purchase.  Instead of lining CEO pockets it helps consultants like me buy food, pay for everyday bills, etc.  You're helping someone to build their business and their confidence.  Not only are you helping the consultant but you're helping that consultants team indirectly as well.  My sponsor has 300 in her team and 10k under her indirectly.  Anytime someone purchases through her...she's able to give back in some way to help those she supports. 

3)  You may think its cheap but how long will it really last?

Scentsy product quality is second to none.  You won't find the products out there like this with this quality.  Scentsy Bars last 60-80 hrs EACH.  Initially it seems more expensive Scentsy, but in the long run you save money with Scentsy.  There's a 3 yr guarantee on all EU Scentsy Warmers.  IF the LED lights go out, Scentsy replaces it for free.  How many X boxes or iphones come with a 3 yr guarantee?   Its likely that the warmer will last longer than 3 yrs and when you invest in a warmer you don't need to buy it again...all you need is bars!

Sometimes what appears cheaper may not actually be cheaper in the long term.  Scentsy makes good economical sense!

4) Scentsy is safer and healthier than regular candles

There's no lead, soot or flames with Scentsy candles.  Many of our consultants have allergies or asthma....Scentsy is the only thing that doesn't irritate things for them. The wax is not  burned either unlike regular candles.

The lack of flame means you can leave Scentsy warmers on 24/7 and not worry about your house burning down.  Some don't care about using tea lights for their warmers or think my essential oil burner is fine...I can't tell you how many people have told me they've forgotten to blow out their candles or that they've left their oil burners unattended and have spit or blown up on them because they've gotten too hot.  You don't need to worry with Scentsy.  Tea lights never last very long either, why fill up land fills with tea lights and jar candles when you've got Scentsy?

5) Scentsy is cheaper than soy or beeswax candles

There's reports that Soy production is harmful for the environment especially the rainforest.  There's also issues of whether the Soy is GMO or if there's pesticides, etc used on it.  Trying to buy soy with good intentions of helping the environment actually may not be helping it after all.

Scentsy wax is food grade (same stuff you find on apples to make them shiny) and biodegradable.  The petroleum use on food grade wax is less than 1%....far far less than conventional candles.

Beeswax candles are great for the environment, but very expensive and don't last very long.  Plus you only have one scent...Honey scent.  Most people become immune to smells very quickly and its likely that if you use Beeswax candles often you won't be able to smell them very well!

6)  Scentsy is a company with ethics

Scentsy is CONSISTENTLY giving back more than they take.  They are always donating millions every year to good causes.  Their core values include generosity and giving more than you take and they encourage Scentsy consultants to do the same in their business.  How many big businesses do this?  How many businesses care more about the energy/karma they put out their than their bottom line?  Scentsy does.

So this holiday season, make a difference, buy quality products....BUY SCENTSY.